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10 October 2010 @ 08:35 pm
I wonder if maybe someone doesn't understand english language. Which part of DO NOT HOTLINK don't you understand? Is it too hard? You just have to SAVE the file on your pc and go to tinypic or imageshack or YOUR photobucket or whatever and upload it. 5 seconds. And you have your icons. So please tell me. I just wanna know. Because my bandwidht had just come back, and now it's gone.. AGAIN! I'm gonna reupload on another website at least the last post, but this is the last time. You know what reupload means? Means I have to reupload them, change every single link that was in the old post and save, finally.
Next time I'm gonna put just a few icons as a preview, for the rest you'll have to go on my dA and download the whole pack, which, just to be claer, will be password protected and you'll have to ask for it. Is that what you want?
For the one who do not understand english so good.. DO NOT HOTLINK means:
non fare hotlink

nicht Hotlink